Noticing the format of this method of discussionstarting

Just to remind myself the comments I have made in the first few posts on the Digital Cultures MOOC were about films, animations or videos that were general impressions of some possibly insightful film makers. There is possibly a good learning related reason why these are good introductions, and possibly more motivating than a long article in stimulating some ideas, or discussion. The articles were also quite motivating and interesting and good starting points but again I must not be too forgiving – they were seminal works and may be said to be dated – although I have read some blog posts that indicate others are familiar with these also and on rereading found some of the issues still relevant. For example Britt Watwood from VCU’s Center for Teaching Excellence commented that the ideas in In Noble. D. (1998). Digital Diploma Mills: The Automation of Higher Education  Britt found that tNoble’s comments on the commercialisation of ed through tech is still a fear so many years later :”Fifteen years ago…and yet I would suggest that some faculty today are still citing this fear as a reason not to move into open resources or use digital technology”. Although personally I think people just use any argument to oppose anything and old arguments are handy – possibly even familiar ones that can be embedded in the popular :mind” – distributed cognition?

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  1. I suspect that you are right. I guess since I have taught online for 18 years, it seems the same argument has been around that long!

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